Experience India through Food


1.3 billion people can’t agree on much. Except food.

Be it fragrant seafood stews from the winding Malabar coast, decadent kebabs from grand Lucknow, or the varied and distinctive street foods of the capital, the food of India isn’t a single cuisine. It is many. But, in a land famed for its 52 spices and 37 regional cuisines, each with over 50 distinct dishes, it is hard to know where to begin. At Morethanjustcurry.com, we provide just such authentic culinary journeys across India. Embark on gastronomic adventures across six cities that are curated with the help of industry experts.
Explore famous landmarks and local hotspots under the guidance of the cultured epicures who call them home.
Discover cultural idiosyncrasies through carefully managed experiences that set the benchmark in industry safety and comfort standards. And with each bite you take, you will find that India is much more than just curry.


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Rooted in


We really care.
We are proud to be
Indian. We are obsessed
with quality.


Like any flavourful Indian dish, our business says a lot about us.

Warm and Welcoming

We really care Indian hospitality is legendary. Anywhere in the world, an Indian doesn’t just invite you into his home. He invites you to join it. It is our privilege to extend that very courtesy to you, through culinary journeys designed to give you an authentic taste of India.

Proud and Passionate

We are proud to be Indian

The intricacies of Indian culture are matched only by the devotion they inspire. From the smallest street food vendor to the largest dining establishments, each one has a story to tell. We believe every story reveals a little more about our culture, and will make you fall head over heels in love with our ancient land.

Committed and Careful

We are obsessed with quality
At More Than Just Curry, we are constantly striving for perfection. Our immersive experiences are characterised by an attention to detail that is reflected in every employee and partner.

When it comes to your comfort or your security, rest assured that no compromises are made. That is why our culinary journeys are premier experiences that you will take back with you.