The “Rangs” and “Bhangs” of Indian Holi

Legend has it that Holika did not know that there was a condition for the boon to working – that she be alone during the fire! And since she wasn’t, she burned to ashes. The young prince, however, remained unharmed due to his devotion to Lord Vishnu. Thus, Holi became the festival that celebrated the protection of the good, and destruction of evil. Happy Holi from MTJC team!

A Walk through Mini Himalaya in HauzKhas

On sunny winter mornings, during our Village Food Walk, many guests have been amazed at the graceful and historic pit stops along the food journey. Take for example the Himalayan Treasures – a quaint little..

The Unlikely Biryani – Where Faiths and Food Of India Meets

“Food is a marker of identity, be that ethnic, religious, socio-economic or personal, so humans might be particularly sensitive when that part of their identity is challenged or questioned,” said Carol Helstosky, associate professor of history at the University of Denver. Take the famous Indian biryani, for example. There are as many ways to prepare the dish as there are states in India.

Of Indian Flavors, Memories and Indian Food Recipes…

We at More Than Just Curry, have always been awed by the little flavor bombs that get placed, quite unceremoniously and without aplomb, next to its more illustrious main dishes. During our food tours, we explain, with much pride and association, how our humble Chutneys fill our senses with flavors and tastes that stay in the mind for a long time.